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I need a Core membership, because I want to get serious and that I cannot afford it (Yes, I really am poor). This would mean a lot to me, so thanks in advance to anyone that would give, even if it's not much ! :love:

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Solace-Drawings's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm Sophie, 22, and fairly new to digital drawing.
I plan on getting better and live of my art, but I'm fully aware it's a long way. I'm motivated, though I sometimes cry on my pillow like a baby :no:

I want to be someone people would refer to, and think "this is something big, this is an artist".

Not really the most original description, but I'm just a girl like many others trying to realize my dreams. :cough:

I draw since I was very little, and I also wrote a lot since I was a child. Always kinda wanted to be an illustrator, and animate characters from my imagination. Now I'm off to work on my dreams, at last.

I love to draw portraits, and figures. Painting Landscapes isn't my forte... but it makes me feel relaxed, at times :meditate:. I'd like to invest more into painting animals, and even science fiction stuff like augmented people and such. Ah, I love pinups too. Well, I love too many things, to be honest ! I try to focus on figure drawing, since it's my best asset and my goal.

Later I'll draw my characters, for me and my friend (well, more than my friend ! :flirty: ) We have a story that we thought about for YEARS. Now at last we're writing the final version, reviewing it, and I will illustrate it when I'm good enough (a long way, as I was saying...! :faint:)

I love philosophy, science (animals, nature, biology, origin of the world... :squee:), I LOVE walking alone in nature, and swim in very cold rivers :happybounce: (true story, I once caught a bad cold because I stayed in an ice-cold river too long). Hmm... I'm not the talkative type, unless you talk to me about subjects quoted above, there I can be very passionate ! :typerhappy:

I love Pokemon since I'm a child (bought all the games since the beginning, keeps doing so even now... And will until i give my last breath :love: I also love video games (Skyrim :excited: ! Fallout 4 :skatefist:, huhhh... Don't Starve, Tomb Raider, Nintendo stuff like Zelda :eager:, huuuh... Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy (especially the VII one (SQUALL :flirty:)) and many many others that I will remember later, probably, when I don't have to :laughing:

Finally I like people out of the ordinary, as I am a bit crazy sometimes (sometimes ? :abduction: ), and nice ones. I love a good conversation, even out of nowhere ! So don't hesitate to say what's on your mind, anytime :boogie: I can be a bit associal sometimes I'll admit hehe, but I won't here I promise :hug:

Enough shit-chat, I'm off to study. :salute:

P.S. : Don't trust the picture, I actually wear glasses regularly :shifty: Someday I'll get blue contact or something hehe !

- Find me on -

Facebook :…

Tumblr :

My professional contact :



Solace comes back from the dead. Again. At this stage, I wonder if I shouldn't change my pseudo for "Walking Dead", or stuff like that XD
Hi there ! I know I'm only into sketches and not very active on DeviantArt, that's temporary. I have my phases, sometimes I feel like it, sometimes not. But it's important to keep up, even if you're not that motivated, I guess. Especially for people like me, who tends to go away when it gets like "the routine" XD (is that a word in english ? ) Anyway ! Sometime, maybe soon, I'll make something finished. And I will answer my notes too ! *I feel guilty whenever I'm like this because i feel like people will think I don't care, that's not true at all XD *

Enough chitchat 'bout my life, I just felt like I had to make a status update for people, or whatever :)

PS : I finished FF8, 100% haha. Now I'm onto Fallout 4. 
Hey people that come across this status update ! Just to say I'll be a little less active on my account for a week or so, because of... er... personal reasons *FF8 music playing in the background* Yeah ! Like I said, I have... a... dead grandmother... and well, stuff like that. Well, I won't post anything finished, but I'll continue to work a little daily, to keep my flow :meditate:

Anyway ! Hope you have a nice week, and weekend guys !

How can one resist to this game, I wonder... 
I'VE BEEN TAGGED (By :iconbluebird1789: who also told me how to tag someone in return) Feels like being noticed by the cops XD Yeah, I don't even know how you use the icon of the person, so like a granny, that's how I refer to people on DA XDD

1. Who is your favorite oc?

Of mine, that's hard... I have lots XD hmm... i'd say Amber, but no, I think that's more Sven. Yeah, I love him very much, he's my sweetheart :3

2. How did you find DeviantArt?

My best friend used it a while ago, and I knew it existed. Then, recently, for exposure and stuff, it was an obvious choice. But I feel like I just haven't looked enough for other sites, because there are lots XD but I'm glad I'm here, there are cool people here. :nod:

3. Say something that will happen in the future with your ocs.

Huh, I don't like spoil, and I haven't even began to release my story. Well, let's say they will be surprised by the complexity and the strangeness of the world around them. Oh, and Sven will watch TV. A lot. Big surprise. 

4. What is the theme of your art?

What is that supposed to mean ? Huh... Life, people, skin, grass, no seriously I don't get it XD I draw things I like, and things I have to draw to get better. 

5. Define yourself in one word.


6. The movie that made you cry.

Haha there are so much. For stupid reasons, even ! Like, I cry at the beginning of Spirits, because they running and they be free and the lil' eagle and da clopping on the grass and then... :cringe:

7. Your favorite animal.


8. Favorite comic character?

Meh, don't know. I like most of those. Oh, I quite like Marvel heroes ! And... huh... nope, don't know. I didn't really asked that to myself, really XD

9. Something you hate.

People spoilling food, water, or killing for no primary reason animals (eating, or the like). People using other people, people cheap, and sitting in a chair where a dog sat before. And touching animals like dogs, though it's okay with cats. And... get hurt, have my periods, be sad, see my loved ones sad or get hurt. Well, load of stuff :D

10. You are afraid of...

Die, but even more than that, see my loved ones die. Failure, too. 

11. You like to eat..

Sugar stuff, like really tasty cakes with chocolate or almonds, or the like. Huh... spinachs, and... cheese with bread, salad, apples, pizza, gratin, chips, fish, meat, food... XD

12. Your squad is...

Don't know, but my squid is pretty cool ! *yeah don't die laughing at this one, I know it's that funny*

13. Do you have any mascots?

Huh, you mean cute useless characters meant to attract fans and stuff ? If so, I guess Chocobos are cute, and Mogs (not mugs, that's not alive (I think)). Oh and pokemons, like Ninetales *_*

14. One thing you always wanted to say but never had the opportunity

I'm sorry for all the wrong I've done to you. 

15. What is your kind of girl/boy?

 Whoever's open to cool stuff, and nice, and smart ! But smart isn't required when people are really kind at heart (not just kind like "hey, how are you" *doesn't listen to the answer*. Funny people are cool too, but sometimes it can be overwhelming if they are a bit self-centered. *ouuuh psychologyyyy*

16. An addictive game...

Skyrim, Fallout4, The Sims 2/3/4 (haven't played the 1), Pokemon. And huh, fighting games, and anything as long as I'm absorbed into it XD

17. If you had a superpower, what would it be?


18. Your favorite otp

What is that, "Obvious Time Pilot" ? *dumb*

19. An unnecessary fact

Really every fact listed above, and beyond. 

20. A lie you tell everyday

I'll start and work as soon as I get up, so I don't go to bed 5 a.m. 

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EDIT : Yay ! I know how to tag people ! I guess every day as its own knowledge for us to discover... *wise quote despite the fact I'm a complete noob*
 ZELDA ! :la: :la: :la: I need the Triforce's power to motivate meself ^^;


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